How to Apply QuickStick

QuickStick is intended for application on just about anything! It is as easy as applying or putting up a magnet and removing it, just without the extra weight!

Before You Begin
Ensure your application surface is dry and clean before applying the graphic. You do not have to scrub the surface raw, but a nice quick wipe down with isopropyl alcohol to clean and degrease the surface will do the job.

Remove the backing film on the graphic and simply stick it to any surface and smooth it out with your hands. No hassle, no mess. If it sticks to itself, no worries, the durable fabric allows it to be straightened out without tearing and and the adhesive stays tacky so you can re-stick and repeat again and again. If it’s a larger print, like an entire wall graphic, you’ll want to use a squeegee just like you would regular pressure sensitive vinyl.

QuickStick is even easier to remove! Just peel back one corner of the decal off of the surface and continue to pull with even pressure. No need to worry if it gets wrinkled and crumbled, just pull it back apart and place elsewhere or put the backing back on the decal and save for a later date.